Ferry tickets to Tallinn

Ferry tickets to Tallinn

ViestiKirjoittaja Vieras » 02 Joulu 2009, 12:41


I was wondering if anyone would be interested in ferry tickets (Helsinki-Tallinn-Helsinki) with a good price?

I got a voucher from Eckero Line as a gift but unfortunately the timetable of Eckero Line does not go at all with a Tallinn-Helsinki-Tallinn trip as the ferry leaves late at night from Tallinn and comes back in the morning from Helsinki :(

The voucher is for 4 persons and for the possibility of a car. I looked at the webpage of Eckero Line and the normal price for these tickets is 190 EUR when leaving on Friday for example. I would give these tickets away for lets say...130 EUR. This voucher can be used until spring 2010.

Would anyone be interested? If so, you can contact me by e-mail grete.kastan@mail.ee. I will be in Helsinki on friday also.

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